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Machine Vision 2K Cine Film Scanning System
standard 8   •   super 8   •   single 8   •   
9.5mm   •  16mm




Machine Vision Frame by Frame Scan System

True frame by frame scan system produces the sharpest image with edge to edge frame clarity. Stunning, crystal clear picture and 100% flicker free.


Accurate Frame Rate

Total frame rate discretion that can only be achieved using a frame by frame scan system. This ensures your transferred film will always run at the correct speed.


Direct Film Scanning

Unlike some other transfer methods our machine vision scan system captures each individual frame directly from the film surface. An enlarged gate ensures that 100% of the frame is captured producing a typical 20% larger scan area to standard projectors.


High Definition & 2K Scanning

True frame by frame 1080p High Definition or 2K capture system for both 8mm and 16mm cine producing spectacular results. No upscaling used.





Storage Devices

Your converted digital video files can be stored on any USB connected flash drive or hard drive.  Supply your own or purchase one from us with the correct capacity to hold your video files.  Playback your video directly on your SMART TV, PC or MAC.

Digital Files for Viewing and Editing

Play your videos on any device or if you plan on editing we can provide the best file format for your editing software whether editing in 1080p High Definition or 2K.





Customer Testimonials & Preview Samples



Standard 8 Transfer Super 8 Transfer 16mm Transfer HD Transfer

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