Video Brochure


V I D E O  B R O C H U R E S  &  B U S I N E S S  C A R D S


Video In Print Technology fusing print and digital LCD technology into unique, innovative and engaging marketing tools.


Play Your Business Video

Built in LCD screen and speaker. Load just one video or multiple videos each with its own play button.

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Bespoke Printed Brochure

Our in house graphic designers will be happy to design your brochure from start to finish incorporating your design ideas.


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Rechargeable Battery

All our video brochures are equipped with built in rechargeable battery units and can be charged via the supplied USB cable.

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LCD Screen Size and Features

Screen sizes from 2.4" to 9".  Auto video playback on opening the brochure.  Features include volume controls, stop and play buttons.


Powerful Sales and Marketing Tool

The ultimate physical digital media product with endless possibilities.

Fusing high quality video within a printed marketing brochure in one easy to distribute package.

Ensure your potential clients receive a comprehensive presentation of your product or service.

Capture the viewer's focus and awareness utilising an interactive and engaging physical media.




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