Cine Film

CD Ripping to Digital File

A professional and cost effective service to convert your entire CD collection into digital music files, suitable for playback on your PC, MAC or digital music player. 
Machine Vision Frame by Frame Scan System

Your music CDs converted to digital file

Custom built robotic ripping system offering a wide choice of file formats – including Apple Lossless, FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, WMA Lossless, WAV, and more.

Accurate Frame Rate

CD metadata extraction

All available information such as artist, album, track titles and even artwork are stored so you can enjoy the full potential & investment of your music collection anytime, anywhere.

Direct Film Scanning

No quality loss

Your music CDs can be transferred without any loss of quality so you don’t have to compromise on your listening experience.

High Definition & 2K Scanning

Files supplied on USB or internet transfer

We can provide your music collection on hard drive, USB or send via internet file transfer directly to your own PC or MAC.

CD x 50

€2.00 per CD

CD x 100

€1.75 per CD

CD x 200

€1.50 per CD

CD x 300

€1.25 per CD

CD x 400

€1.15 per CD

CD x 500

€1.00 per CD

CD x 1000

€0.85 per CD

CD x 2000

€0.70 per CD


Terms and Conditions for CD Ripping

All CDs must be legitimately purchased originals owned by you.
CD-R Copies and pirate copies will not be ripped, but may be charged.
All discs should be removed from their cases and supplied on spindle.
Spindles may be obtained by contacting a member of Crystal Media Ltd.
There is a charge of €0.10 per disc for removing and replacing in cases.
Discs should be clean & scratch free. (light scratches acceptable).
Crystal Media offers this service on the basis that liability for copyright breach is held solely with the customer.

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